Why we refer our clients to OzInvest

Being in the financial services industry we often get asked by our clients if we can help them with investment property purchases, or if we can recommend a trusted professional.

Therefore we conducted some research and decided to partner with OzInvest – a property investment company established in 1987.

Here are just a few of the main reasons we choose to work with OzInvest

1. OzInvest boasts over 23 years of outstanding results and capital growth for their clients.

2. They heavily research capital city locations and provide the right type of property in the right price range from a range of reputable developers and builders.

3. OzInvest offers a Genuine 10 Year Leaseback on all properties they market.

This ensures that all owners receive full market rent (reviewed every 6 months) on the 10th of the month every single month for the next years, even if the house is vacant or the tenant doesn’t pay!

Their unique ‘guaranteed rental income for 10 years’ was founded by OzInvest in 1998, and makes property investment safe and easy for property investors.

You may well discover your own reasons to deal with OzInvest, like their Fast Construction Guarantee, or their ‘no nasty surprises’ Easy Start Package, or their educational material and newsletters, either way, be sure to register your details before you leave the site.

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